Our Mission

Why we do what we do

Clint & Co. is a freelance film production studio organized by Film Director Clint Bohaty. Built around storytelling and people, Clint & Co. believes that the personalization film delivers should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone. We have been working with small businesses, families, and creative professionals to produce high quality films since 2009. Our services include pre-production, creative development, production, and post production. With a business model built on freelance, we can easily scale the size of production to meet the needs of your commercial or corporate film. Our goal is to continue to expand our filmmaking knowledge and skill set by working with you to exceed your needs.

Clint & Co. works with you to create the best film for your needs with the least amount of hassle. We pride ourselves on our creativity and our ability to create eye-catching and memorable films. Beginning with ideation and pre-production and seeing your film through to its final form, we work closely with you the whole time to ensure your piece becomes all it is meant to be. This start-to-finish method helps maintain a consistent voice throughout your piece, and keeps the whole process simple for you and for us.

Over the years our logo and brand have gone through a growing process. Below you can see how our identity has evolved from the simple “B” logo on the left (2009) to the symbol we use today. Each time our icon has changed it is the result of a renewed creative energy and redirection. With our latest makeover, we’ve added a sense of collaboration and teamwork that was missing in the prior identities. This symbol helps us keep focused on our clients and the quality of each piece we create.

Clint Bohaty

Clint Bohaty


Clint Bohaty lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He not only works as a freelance Director, but he also works as a Set Dresser. Clint has worked on productions for ESPN, Footlocker, History Channel, and A&E.

Logo Evolution